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About Us

Founded in 2010 by three friends with a hunger for greatness and world domination ...just kidding :), the three of us shared a common passion for games, and only dreamed of being part of the industry, until we've got together and gave it a shot!

Fortunately, we are still in the race and we're very optimistic about our future :). Enduring whatever comes our way, we will use all of our mental power to make games as great as we can. Needless to say, the Schwartz is strong with us!

Take a look around, play our games, leave a comment and have fun!

Meet the Team

Alvaro Azofra / Vanzen


Pablo Realini/ Lito


Gonzalo Sande/ Gonza


Juan Andres Nin / Bolin

Programmer "The Bikeflyer"

Bruno de Leone / Delebru

Technical Artist "Jack of all trades"

Agustin Mastalli / Agus

Artist "Father of Dragons"

Gerson Da Silva / Botch

Game Designer "Mad Hatter"

Ariel Coppes / Arielsan

Engineer "The Professor"

Ruben Garat / Ruben

Engineer "The Fixer"

Diego Lopez / Dilodart

Artist "The Peacemaker"

Juan Pais / Pixelsoldier

Artist "One man army"

Esteban Dal Monte / Esti

Programmer "Combo Breaker"

Martin Chaparro / Chapa

Artist "Pixelpusher"

Gabriel Artus / Artus

Programmer "The Planner"

Guillermo Amorin / Guille

Programmer "The Code Father"

Matias Sniadower / Mati

Artist "El Amigo"

Pepe Infantozzi / Pepinfa

Artist "Gepetto"

Leandro Mesquita / Colo

Game Designer "The Half Leprechaun"

Juan AmorĂ­n / Tata

Community Manager "Pizza Herald"