Who let the Gnolls out?!

Origins first Endless Mode!

Battle a desperate fight against the never ending Gnoll hordes commanded by the nastiest, smelliest, fattest Gnoll king yet. The Elven Kingdom need you! For the Queen!

Yes, we included pizza jokes to make it less sad.

An Open Love Letter to our PC Fans

It’s been over two weeks since the release of Kingdom Rush Origins and so many of you have reached out to us asking about the PC version, that we believe you deserve a straight and honest answer. So here it is…

Introducing the heroes

Meet Catha!

Meet Catha, a fearless pixie that heals her allies and puts her enemies to sleep!

Are you ready to embark with her on an epic saga as you unveil the story that started it all?

Introducing the heroes

Meet super powerful Eridan

Can't wait to play Kingdom Rush Origins?

While you wait till November 20th, check out Eridan, the super powerful archer!

Enemies fear his double swords!

A new rush is coming!

Kingdom Rush Origins coming out November 20!

Kingdom Rush Origins is right by the corner, an incredible journey is coming!

Prepare your minds, because soon you'll be playing until your fingers bleed...