New Kingdom Rush Game!

A new rush is coming!

It is good you made it this far...a new rush is coming!

A new world, a new race, a new ancient evil!
Get ready for an awesome overwhelmingly new Kingdom Rush game!

Available now!

KR and KRF endless mode!

Hi everyone!
Endless mode for Kingdom Rush & Kingdom Rush Frontiers is Available Now!
Stay tuned!

Available now!

The Curse of Castle Blackburn

Hello Steam fans!! We're happy to announce that The Curse of Castle Blackburn is now available!

From its unholy castle, Lord Blackburn has risen and threatens to enshroud the realms in perpetual darkness. Prepare to face dread and despair, as you embark on a quest to lift The Curse of Castle Blackburn!

Update features:
- 4 new stages of dread and despair! Battle through cities of the undead and forbidden cemeteries to reach the legendary cursed castle!
- 8 new unholy enemies! Undead hordes, revolting rat-men, fallen champions, and even wicked broom-flying witches!
- Boss fight: Face Lord Blackburn in an epic battle that will shake you to the bone!
- 5 new achievements!
- Easter eggs, specials, legendary monsters... and more!

We hope you enjoy it :)

Available now!

Fungal Forest for Steam!

Hi Steam fans, welcome to the Fungal Forest campaign!
A new evil has risen! From the depths of the Rotten Forest a terrible foe is infecting the lands!
The elves seek your aid! Will you be able to help them?

Check out the update features that are available now and for FREE:

- New stage: The Fungal Forest!
- Boss fight: Face Myconid and his Rothshrooms that are plaguing the area!
- New Hero: The Mighty Thor joins the battle!
- New achievements and Easter eggs!
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Available now!

For the Linux!

You asked for it! You waited for it! And here it is!
Kingdom Rush is available for Linux in all its full 1080 HD glory!

So what are you waiting for?
Get it now and start smashing some goblin heads in your Linux rig!

Tested and fully working on Ubuntu 13.04 and Linux Mint 16.

Get it on Steam: http://bit.ly/1bLm6IS