As the development of the game moves forward take the next step by starting a open beta for new countries to the game. 

From today on we are opening a beta on Google Play for  Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Perú, Venezuela, and Chile!

We also had made some tweaks to the game as we are also featuring a major update, we posted all the information below on a changelog

These changes will also be added to the new beta and also to our existing soft launch countries.


*VIP System added that allows: -The elimination of the energy bar

                                                             -All rewards that were previously obtained by watching daily ads 

                                                              -Rewards the player with a VIP chest upon purchase of the upgrade

                                                              -Grants an extra VIP crate for each terrain of the game

*Spanish Language added
*Card drop system fine tuned- It takes into consideration the lowest cards to improve chances of getting them
*Max card level implemented -Cards rewards after maxing one of them now convert into gold
*Tutorial updated with more info
*Balance Fixes on Wasteland and Swamp Stages -Stage difficulties updated to reflect current balance
*Enemies, tactics and towers balance tweaks:- Abomination conversion time Rebalanced
                                                                                        -Baron von Bomber - Duration and Rate of Fire rebalanced
                                                                                        -Waste Disposer - Extra Unit and stats rebalanced
                                                                                        -Command Center - Buffs rebalanced
                                                                                        -Mad Scientist - Damage and Tower Skill Rebalanced
                                                                                        -Sheepomizer - Tower Skill Rebalanced
                                                                                        -Field Healer - New Concept, Mechanics and Rebalance
*Release notes provided for 5 of 5 languages