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Hi there! We are a team of game developers from Uruguay (South America), we love what we do and are huge fans of fantasy, sci-fi and pop culture. We also have a penchant for including tons of silly jokes and easter eggs in our games.
Your Heroes and Towers should remain in your game even if you uninstall or switch devices. Please try this quick troubleshooting for Kingdom Rush, Frontiers and Origins. Or these ones for Kingdom Rush Vengeance and Iron Marines. If you need an extra hand, our Support Team would love to help!
To get help quickly, check out our self-service portal. Chances are we already have a solution for you there! If you couldn’t find anything for your specific problem, or if the solution didn’t work, our Support Team would love to help!
There are many possible reasons why a device gets banned. It’s not only due to hardware issues, some Android versions are so customised that the game simply can’t run correctly. We prefer to spare our fans from purchasing a game that is not going to run while we try to fix the problem. We are sorry for this and thank you all for your patience.
As long as you like our games, we will make them. But we will also release different titles and try new things.
If it's a support issue, you should use the form on the right we will try to assist you as soon as possible. You can also contact us through our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Check how to get your receipt here

Check how to get your receipt here


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