Iron Marines Invasion
Release date:
Thursday, September 8, 2022

Prove your RTS expertise while exploring an entire galaxy

Iron Marines Invasion

Fasten your seatbelt: the second entry of the electrifying RTS space adventure is back - welcome to Iron Marines Invasion. 
Explore and defend the most unique worlds from dreadful alien threats that come from all the corners of the galaxy.
Defend your ground by setting up a strategy that combines defensive tower’s firepower with unique tactical skills from your heroes and units. Show the alien scum what your army is made of!
Remember, the best of the best is at your disposal. Recruit and command the greatest heroes and warrior clans of the galaxy. Overcome the most deadly alien races by combining your squad fighting skills.
Boost your firepower with a wide range of incredible special weapons and power-ups.
Amazing new worlds and action-packed challenges, mixed with humor and many surprises are the best proof that nothing lasts too long in space, and peace is not the exception…

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