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Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush iOS hero update!

Prepare yourselves, the Kingdom is rumbling!!! The heroes have come to Linirea and they are thirsty for battle! A new Kingdom Rush update is out featuring the new hero special units and the new challenging Rotten Forest stage!!!Be re
Kingdom Rush

Alleria Swiftwind

Silent as the night, light as a feather and deadly beautiful. Too many have fallen by her charming gaze and many more by her fatal bow.
Kingdom Rush

Gerald Lightseeker

Defender of the righteous, punisher of the dark, protector of the innocent, crusher of evil beings, Gerald Lightseeker is the uncanny of Linirea´s armed forces! His sword swings with class and elegance, his armor shines like the sun itse
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush ON SALE!

Kingdom Rush is on sale to celebrate our first big iOS update which features Game Center integration and the epic new Ruins of Acaroth stage!Don´t miss the chance to get one of the top iPAd games for only $0.
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