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Kingdom Rush

A Hero is Born!

They say that Heroes are not born, they are made. But in this case both ideas apply.The polls for our community created Hero are now finally over!
Kingdom Rush

Origins first Mini-Campaign!

Hulking Rage is a mini-campaign and the newest update for Kingdom Rush Origins. Join the elven forces at the very borders of the Kingdom to stop an unexpected ogre invasion like no one has seen before.

A Hero created by the fans!

Vote NOW: ironhidegames.com/aheroisbornA Hero is Born is the first official Kingdom Rush Community Hero contest. You will vote on weekly polls. The most voted options will be used to create a new Hero that will be released for free.
Kingdom Rush

Origins first Endless Mode!

Battle a desperate fight against the never ending Gnoll hordes commanded by the nastiest, smelliest, fattest Gnoll king yet. The Elven Kingdom needs you! For the Queen!
Kingdom Rush

An Open Love Letter to our PC Fans

It’s been over two weeks since the release of Kingdom Rush Origins and so many of you have reached out to us asking about the PC version, that we believe you deserve a straight and honest answer. So here it is…
Kingdom Rush

Meet Catha!

Meet Catha, a fearless pixie that heals her allies and puts her enemies to sleep!Are you ready to embark with her on an epic saga as you unveil the story that started it all?
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