Kingdom Rush Vengeance v1.15.7 is now available everywhere. Basically, weaker towers get a pep talk and bugs get the boot! For those balance nerds out there, here is a list of all changes for your satisfaction.


Balance changes:

  • Shadow Archers: dmg and ability cost buff

  • Goblirangs: increased return dmg/scaling

  • Orc Shaman: improved dmg and abilities

  • Deep Devil’s: buffed dmg and ability cost

  • DDR Units: amor and hp upgrades

  • Rotten Forest: improved dmg and range

  • Rocket Riders: costs and range buff

  • Infernal Mage: increased dmg and abilities 

  • Melting Furnace: slight dmg tweaks

  • Shaolin Temple: basic dmg adjustments 

  • Spectral Mausoleum: lower ability cost

  • Blazing Gem: higher ability cost

  • Zeppelin: improved goblin scout range

  • Orc Warriors: reduced respawn and max dmg

  • Dark Knights: reduced respawn/increased hp

  • Grim Cemetery: costs and ability tweaks

  • Swamp Thing: buffed dmg and upped costs

  • Wicked Sisters: poison and stun buff

  • Elite Harassers: increased ability chance


Find all the specific tower changes here, and the full changelog complete with bug fixes here

Update your game and enjoy the rebalancing!