There once was a man, a hungry man whose hunger could only be sated by knowledge. Legend has it that this never-ending quest for knowledge led him to become one of the greatest wizards this world has ever seen.

However, such power always comes with a price...

One day, a powerful yet corrupted gem fell into the Wizard’s hands, the famed Tear of Elynie. The gem became the source of the sage’s power, but also the instrument of his demise, leading him through a dubious path and eventually earning him his exile from Linirea.



Although the path of the exile was a lonely one, outcasts from all over the Kingdom joined his side. Those once rejected by “the good side” now had somewhere to be, somewhere to belong, but most importantly… someone to lead them as they fought for power and acceptance.

With an army by his side, the wizard launched his attack rushing the Kingdom’s tower defenses, but he underestimated his enemy and had to settle for the bitter taste of defeat.

Since that day, the Dark Wizard’s whereabouts remained a mystery…

Memories of his great power and unrelenting ambition faded from the people’s minds, washed away by feast after feast held by a lazy, sad excuse for a King.

But that was not how the story ended. For him, that was not an end, but a new beginning...

The Wizard came back, more powerful than ever before. Leading an army strong enough to make the ground tremble with each step it took as it marched towards Linirea. This time he was going to get what he wanted.

This is as far as the tale goes, the rest of the story is yet to unfold, the story of the greatest Wizard of them all: Me!