Lord Vez'nan sent an official communication regarding the Dwarven Kingdom.

Listen carefully! 


My power… our power, is growing even stronger!

Don’t let the dwarven machines fool you, they have a life of their own and are ready to strike at their master’s beck and call.

Although the Dwarven Kingdom is an strategic point for our conquest and victory is at the tip of our fingers, we will not make the foolish mistake of belittle our foes.

The dwarves think they’re safe behind their walls, but they underestimate who’s at the gates! Don’t they know I was the one who made Linirea tremble to its knees?

Don’t they know saying my name aloud is enough to cover the skies with clouds?

Ha! They probably don’t.

Hidden deep in the heart of the mountains, all they do is build and mine. Without the sun’s light the only gold they see is the one they take off the ground.

They’ve lost track of how true power looks like lead by their self-centered ruler. But I will put an end to that!

We’ll turn piles of gold into piles of bones!

We’ll turn the Dwarven Kingdom into ashes!


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