The path is getting more clearly... 

Lord Vez'nan is almost ready! 


My spies brought news of that sloppy King and his hubris. He is under the impression of having everything under control, he expects us to trip on the same rocks, to make the same mistakes as before… but we’ll prove him wrong!

The unsurpassable might of our army will prove him wrong...

Linirea’s army will be our truest test. These grounds and their forces are no strangers to us, we once called each other allies, but that was before, before the cold wound of rejection turned us into outcasts.

Oh… These lands fill me with so many memories, bittersweet memories of joy… and anger!

They underestimated my power, but most importantly, my will.

Long were the years waiting for my exile to be over. Yet, the time has finally come and now I’m ready to bring the Kingdom to a new era of unprecedented glory!

Let the trumpets roar for the age of Vez’Nan!