Veruk, the Warmonger leader, stands proudly in front of his forces as he watches the plains that will soon become a battlefield.

He rubs his wrists remembering the shackles that once stole his freedom, the same shackles that would come off once a day when he was forced to fight as a gladiator, turning the sands red with the blood of beasts and his fellow greenskins to stay alive.

As the years went by, he grew accustomed to seeing those who he called brothers perish on the sands, some would meet their end in the glory of battle, some would die just for defying their captors’ will. But Veruk fought on, year after year he fought on knowing that one day he would break free and with his newfound freedom lead the Warmongers to the gates of the human realm.

He now raises his weapon pointing at the enemy forces, and with a voice heavy with years of suffering, yawps “Chaaaaaaarge!!!”

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