Heavy rains poured down the orphanage’s doorsteps as a baby girl was left there by a cloaked person. Not much was known about the baby’s origins other than the wrappings had the name “Asra” on them.

Years went by and Asra proved harder and harder to contain, her fits of rage grew heavier with each day’s passing. Something about her was amiss... her guardians could swear her eyes sparkled whenever she played with her wooden dagger.

The night’s sky roared with the sounds of thunder on Asra’s ninth birthday, and when everyone was about to go to bed, a group of cloaked strangers came asking to adopt someone by the name of “Asra”.

Little did she know that this would be the beginning of her path as a shadow assassin.

Her days, filled with the tortuous training needed to become the deadliest of assassins seemed endless, but something deep inside her told her she had to persevere, she knew she was destined for greatness.

With her training over, Asra joined the Dark Army and rose through the ranks faster than her arrows. When the time of vengeance arrived, Vez’nan himself handpicked her to lead part of the army.


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