Oloch, the demon, always excelled in both learning and using the dark arts. A mage prodigy who constantly got shadowed by his older brothers. The resentment and jealousy grew inside him, consistently striving to gather more power and thus show them who’s the best.

He started looking for “alternative” ways to get into a position of prestige, that’s when he found out about my plans to finally escape imprisonment. A deal was struck, power was given and I, the Dark Lord, was now free. Yet, everything always comes with a price, and for this favor, I granted Oloch a position as one of the top servants of my cause.

However, his plans didn’t end there, this was but the beginning of something bigger and far more sinister. Oloch thinks he can plot to take my crown and proclaim himself the new Dark Lord… I do not care for traitors, but it will be amusing to see him try.


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