A long time has passed since the deep devils failed in their campaign for dominance. They licked their wounds, slowly recovering from their defeat in the depths of the abyss, waiting for years for an opportunity to strike again.

Much to their surprise, Vez’nan appeared in their secluded city offering them a deal: their strength and numbers in exchange for a chance to conquer a place to call their new home. Jun’pai, the current leader of the deep devils, grinned while listening to the proposition, he knew this was the break they were longing for.

Armed with his best combat weapon, an ancient trident able to control the sea and its creatures, he set on his way to fulfil his end of the bargain. Such was the power of this timeworn relic, that all who tried using it died instantly as they got struck by the intense magic held within it. All but Jun’pai, the only one strong and enduring enough to withstand the energy running through his weapon of choice.

The battle now takes to the surface, and it’s high time to show the true dominance of the deep devils once and for all!