Legends of Kingdom Rush is a tactical game that is fairly easy to pick up but continuously gives you new tools to come up with new, creative, and growingly complex strategies. 

So, the best strategy tip would be to actually try different characters and party compositions to find the strategy that best suits your playstyle. 

However, here are the top tips we’ve come up with for Legends of Kingdom Rush:

  1. Keep in mind that this game is supposed to be hard. The roguelike progression elements mean that you are supposed to lose a few times as you get better. Good thing the game rewards you handsomely with amazing new characters as you progress throughout your adventures.


  2. Every adventure is different. The various events, combat encounters, and map visuals change every time you start a new adventure. Focus on making the most of every attempt and learning the game’s fundamentals instead of trying to memorize how to beat a particular challenge.


  3. You can check the enemy tooltips in the initiative bar for more information on their stats and skills. You will probably be doing this a lot at first, but once you get to know your enemies, you’ll achieve a state of zen and fly through fights.


  4. You will face uneven odds regularly, so pay attention to the different map events and carefully consider your options. LKR is all about situational choices. What worked for you on the last adventure may not on this one... or it might, so pay attention.


  5. In addition to unlocking skills, promoting your heroes during an adventure also improves their stats and heals them. Choosing which hero to level up sometimes depends on who needs the XP more and not who you think might be stronger.


  6. Be on the lookout for merchants and upgrade vendors. They will provide you with damage and armour boosts. You can use these upgrades to improve one of your heroes' weaknesses or to boost their strengths. For example, increasing the attack damage of a hero that deals area damage can wreak havoc among enemy lines.


  7. Plan your strategy to complement each of your heroes' powers. You control an entire party, not just one hero… Is the Sasquatch too slow? Maybe using Asra’s teleport powers can help him get to the action in the blink of an eye.


  8. Friendly fire is your friend! We’re obviously not talking about damaging your allies but baiting your enemies into using their own skills to damage other foes.


  9. No pain, no gain! Your party’s progression is the same for the entire adventure. So, if you get damaged in one fight, you’ll carry the damage to the next. However, facing tougher challenges, especially early on, will result in a stronger party in the long run.


  10. There are as many LKR strategies as there are players. Seriously, there is one out there just for you; try them all until you find the one that fits your play style! Winning is fun, but having fun is also winning.

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