So, you've received an invitation from Vez'nan to pay a not-so-friendly visit to Hammerhold, and now you're probably thinking, "What in the world am I getting into?". Before you reach for that sunscreen, learn all about what secrets are hiding in the desert dunes.


Hammerhold DLC includes:

DLC contents


New thrilling stages and bosses


  • 5 new stages: A whole new campaign packed with sand-tastic surprises. Disembark on the desert's shores. Replenish at Sape Oasis. Explore ancient pyramids. Seize Hammerhold once and for all!

  • 10+ new enemies: The Legionnaires have recruited an eclectic and rather quirky force.  Prepare to face assassins, war elephants, djinnis. And even... magic carpets? 

  • 3 minibosses and 1 boss: Remember those heroes you thought were gone for good? They're back, and they're not here for a cozy family gathering. 


The desert's fiercest join your ranks!


  • New hero:  Behold Isfet, a formidable mummy warlock, wielding an arsenal of spells and curses. Just don't make any "wrapped up" jokes – he’s not in the mood for puns.

  • New tower: The Sandworm Hollows have appetites as insatiable as a kid in a candy store. They'll gulp down anything in their path, be it friend or foe. 


And of course…


  • The lore thickens: You wanted to know about Hammerhold and their heroes, right?

  • New achievements: And savor the sweet taste of bragging rights that come with them!

  • Easter eggs galore: The desert may hold secrets, but it also has a sense of humor.


So, have you made up your mind, General?

Don’t keep the Dark Lord waiting too long, he’s known to get impatient! 


Coming December 7th to:

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