Within the pyramid walls, my Legionnaire comrades and I stood as vigilant guardians, using the ancient chambers for both sanctuary and tactical discussions. Amid our duties, my curiosity led me to spend my free moments deciphering the tales etched into hieroglyph-covered walls.

One legend, in particular, captivated me—the tale of Isfet, a formidable warlock on an unyielding quest for the potent magic of Djinni curses. In the shifting desert, he faced the mightiest of Djinni in an epic duel that lit up the sky like fireworks. Isfet emerged victorious, but the Djinni had one last trick. He put Isfet into a forever sleep, burying his dark plans under the sands of time. 

I couldn't shake the thought that Isfet's wicked spirit might still linger in the core of the pyramid. I didn't ponder for too long, though. An ominous feeling suddenly crept in. My fellow warriors, usually tough and unyielding, nervously unsheathed their falchions. The unease among us spread steadily, a silent acknowledgment that something malevolent was approaching.

Our search led us to an open sarcophagus, its colossal lid thrown aside. At that moment, realization struck me – a mighty and eternal force had been unleashed. It was a being confined within the ancient pyramid for countless ages, but no longer. Isfet had been set free.

I tried to caution my comrades, but they dismissed it as superstition, laughing off my concerns. How I wished they were right!  But the lingering unease stuck to me like a stubborn shadow.

I couldn't help but wonder, what awaited us in the relentless desert?


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