Sandworm Hollows

After many tough days in the harsh desert, our patrol was losing hope. Our mission was to check rumors of hidden tunnels, thought to be a shortcut through the desert. But the harsh sun and endless sands tested our endurance, and fatigue had begun to take its toll.

When it seemed we might never find the rumored path, one of our scouts noticed an unusual mark in the distant dunes. The tunnels! We thought this was the shortcut we needed, a crucial advantage for defending Hammerhold. And so, we ventured deep into the subterranean tunnels.

Our mistake became painfully clear when torchlight revealed hundreds of eggs. And then the realization daunted us. We weren't in ordinary tunnels; we were inside the Sandworm’s Nest! Before we had time to react, the eggs started to stir and crack open. Young worm-like creatures emerged with a loud shriek. 

All at once, the sand beneath us began to shake, announcing the awakening of the fearsome Hollow Mother. With fierce maternal protectiveness, she rose to defend her realm. We fled in panic. Some were too slow. Their screams reverberated through the winding passages. Only a handful of us, myself included, narrowly escaped the chasing sandworms. 

A foreboding sensation lingered. We knew she wouldn't easily forgive our intrusion, and her hunger for vengeance remained unquenched.


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