Hammerhold Campaign Available Now on Steam

Do my ears deceive me? King Malik? KING MALIK? The audacity! Have they all taken leave of their senses, forgetting the true sovereign that reigns supreme in this Kingdom?

Did they ACTUALLY believe Hammerhold could stand a chance against my Dark Army? Until now, I merely dismissed their delusions, occupied with far weightier matters. But no longer.

Now, General, seize the hour! Lead a surprise assault on the desert’s shores, catching them off guard. Let’s wake them up from their delusions and get this little rebellion done and over with.

Take my Vengeance to Hammerhold once and for all!!

Let our dark dominance be absolute! 

What's in the Hammerhold DLC:

  • 5 new stages: A whole new campaign packed with action and powerful enemies. 
  • 3 minibosses and 1 boss: Familiar faces are back… and they’re not happy to see you!
  • New hero:  Behold Isfet, a formidable mummy warlock with an arsenal of curses. 
  • New tower: The Sandworm Hollows' appetites are (mostly) at your disposal.
  • New achievements: And savor the sweet taste of bragging rights that come with them!
  • Easter eggs galore: The desert may hold secrets, but it also has a sense of humor.


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