Get ready to ROCK with Junkworld’s new update, Underground Part 2!


What's the Setlist:

  • 9 Epic Stages: Navigate through 9 stages of pure rock and roll mayhem. ðŸŽ¸

  • 6 New Missions: They'll hit you harder than a power chord!

  • 6 Challenging Enemies: New adversaries from the depths. ðŸ€ðŸ¦‡

  • 1 Boss Fight: Brace yourself for an epic showdown with the formidable Titanycht!

  • 1 Hero  Vernon: About time someone called pest control in here...

  • 1 Tower   Raff Rats: Persuade enemies to fight for your side with epic guitar solos. ðŸŽ¶

  • 1 TacticToxic Scoundrel: A loony creature with a not-so-great-smelling gift. â˜£ï¸


The Wasteland pulses with the sound of resistance – come and Rock and Roll!

Get it now!