.. Is this mic on?  

... Oh it is? ok...

(my time to shine!)


Vez'nan may monopolize the airwaves with his Dark Tower News Channel on Crystal Ball TV. But that won’t stop my good ol' independent journalism!

This is Sheppy, the only - and dare I say best - ovine reporter from Linirea.  A survivor from the Jenkins' farm massacre. Here to bring you What The Dark Lord Doesn't Want You To Know! 🎤


Me as a lamb, happy times
Me as a lamb, happy times


So, what's REALLY going in the Kingdom?

Vez'nan assigned representatives in all his domains. 

The Undead are chilling in the icy territories, Demons are excavating for gold in the dwarven mines, and hundreds of spiders spin webs in the Dark Tower (talk about a real estate nightmare). 

And let’s not forget the Orcs and Goblins turining Denas' castle into a Friday night frat house.  The poor citizens are left to endure it all.


The Kingdom's in quite a state...


Old-school heroes are in exile, trying to make do in the hostile wilderness.

But you know how things go. Squash one cry for FREEDOM! and another one pops up faster than you can say "BAAA". Yes, Hammerhold, the Kingdom’s last Bastion, has fallen. But there's still hope.


Rumor has it there's a Rebel Camp is forming deep in the Everadian Forest, led by an emerging leader. 

He's recruiting those still loyal to the former king Denas, and preparing for some big time quest.  This sheep is not one to miss on a good story, so I’m leaving my pastures to seek out these rebels.


Let's hope I manage to find them...

-  Sheepy out!