ImageSheppy here, reporting live from the heart of the Rebel Camp! 🎤

 (can't believe I'm saying this!)

Locating the Linirean’s hideout wasn't exactly a walk in the pasture…actually… it's more like they found me. 

I was making my way through the woods and before I knew it, my eyes were blindfolded. I was led miles and miles into the Everadiant forest.


The scouts took me straight to their secret den and only then uncovered my eyes.  So the rumors were true,  THE REBEL CAMP IS REAL! Tents of all sizes were scattered throughout the forest clearing. 

 Rebels aren't very tidy and just leave swords lying around .
...or as they put it, "always ready for an attack"


My captors, without muttering as much as a word, led me towards the biggest tent of them all.

That’s where I got to meet Vesper. Armed with determination, his bow and sword, the highest of ponytails, and a cape that's a bit too dramatic, the Commander has taken it upon himself to recruit the next generation of heroes still loyal to King Denas.


After introducing myself, Vesper recognized my journalistic excellence and allowed me to stay with them to register their journey.

… well, his exact words were “we can’t have you running around and uncovering our secret, so I guess we’re stuck with you” but that’s pretty much the same!

He's the Best-per, am I right?

I've had some time now to settle down in the camp and start meeting the rest of the Rebels. I talked to brave Paladins (with great hair tbh), mysterious Wizards, and sharp looking Masksmen. 

But I also met regular, common folk, who got  sick of Vez'nan's chaotic reign and decided to take matters into their own hands.

From what I gathered, they're preparing for some huge quest were they'll head north in search of something... or someone?



Some scouts will be returning in the following days, giving us a deeper look into the territory.  Hopefully they can draw a map for us of the journey ahead.

I’ll keep my eyes open and report back with any intel they bring us.

-  Sheepy out!




developer Q&A SECTION


Q by Orb:   When was the development of Kingdom Rush Alliance started?

A:  We started conceptualizing the game's themes and features at the beginning of 2022, and production started a few months later.

Q by Eden:   How does Alliance fit in with Legends in the timeline???

A:  The game's events take place a few months after KRV's ending and will explain why Vez'nan wasn't present to protect his RIGHTFULLY obtained kingdom from the Unblinded Cult in LoKR.


Q by Vishnu:   Is King Denas still alive or Has Veznan killed him ?

A:  Vez'nan's wouldn't dream of doing that. He gets too much joy out of challenging his former friend's forces. As for his role in KRA, I guess you'll have to play to know more about it!

Q by Thijmen:  Where is Everadiant Forest?

A:  South of the Verdant Edge. We've never been there before!


Q by I love Cookies:  Coke or Pepsi?

A:  Regular coke, we keep it classic. 


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