Hey! Sheepy here, bringing you hot news from the Rebel Camp! 🎤

I'm still getting used to the early morning mandatory archery and sword training. And the whole sleeping on the hard ground thing. And don't get me started on the camp's rations...

Rants aside,  the big news at the camp today's that a couple of brave scouts returned with an overall look at what’s to come in the Linirean’s search. 


They said they were  actually handing these to ALL the Rebels? ... huh...

The Scouts came back from the forest mumbling about Wildbeasts amassing their forces, preparing to ambush the camp. 

Some folks reckon it's just the after effects of too much sun and mosquitoes. They say  wild animals couldn't possibly coordinate their effors in such a way.

I'm not so sure about that. This forest hides many mysteries.

baby arborean do do do do do dooo

For instance, I’m still getting familiar with the Arboreans, little onion-like forest dwellers. They’re its protectors, that are connected to its energy. 

They come in all shapes and sizes  - but mostly tiny adorably cute little babies that I just NEED to get as a marketeable plushie.

They joined the Rebels to protect their forest from looming threats

Because not everything's small and cuddly in Everadiant...


Just as the scouts reported, this night the growls coming from the forest darkness grew louder and louder. The wildbeasts are definetly coming our way. 

Let’s see what I can gather from my sources about these new threats.

Stay tuned for more updates from yours truly.

-  Sheepy out!




Q by Raymundo: Will they add a new mechanic to the game? 

A: Yes! Players will be able to play with a couple of new fun features (but you'll have 2 wait 2 know more about it).


Q by ViniMaster: Does VESPER have any relation to ERIDAN? Since they both have the same fighting style, Bow and Sword!

A: He's not directly related but he did attend one of Eridan's seminars back in his days as a rookie knight to learn a technique or two.


Q by Anton: Have the elves in the southern continent been hostile with Veznan or are they neutral in this conflict?

A:  The elves do not look fondly of Vez'nan's forces or fighting side by side with twlight elves, but they understand that some grudges have to be put aside to fight a bigger threat.


Q by Дмитрий: What happened to the heroes from previous games, except Gerald, Bruxa, Asra and others from LoKR? Is there any chance of meeting some old heroes from previous games in KRA?

A: Most of them are hiding from the Dark Army for tax evasion.


Q by Henry: Pancakes or Waffles? 

A: Pancakes! Especially if paired with a nice scoop of dulce de leche.


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