Hey! Sheepy here, your favorite on-the-scene reporter! 

Excuse me if my fluff seems a bit shaken —if hiding from Vez’nan and his goons wasn’t bad enough, we’re now finding more to worry about.

It's wild out there. Not figuratively. Literally wild. Thousands of wild beasts, to be precise.

After a restless night, some of our Barracks caught the smell of something foul, and suddenly they were ambushed by a bunch of hogs. Chaotic and disorganized, they seem to be the bulk of the wild beast’s forces.

These hogs suffer from a perpetual case of The Mondays.

As if we did not have enough grumpy faces with tusks, the poor soldiers were soon met with more foes. These mean-looking brawlers were even more tenacious, and harder to hit on account of their janky armor.

These Brawlers are always ready to rumble.

But what keeps me up at night are these big, bad, broad, Vanguard Bears. 

Of the dozen  rebels caught in the ambush, only a handful were left to tell the tale.  The Rebel forces managed to defeat them... but just barely.

I don't know how to say this but... all  our enemy's strength seemed to exceed those of regular beasts. As if their might was supernaturally powered somehow.

Not your typical cuddly teddy bears...

Even more Wildbeasts are heading our way, their growls echoing lounder and louder.

And our diplomatic attempts were met with a snort, a sneer, and a roar.   

Some proposed the best course of action is to lead the quest with our Barracks, letting the mighty Paladins strut their stuff and clear the path like the heroes they are (and look awesome as they do it).

I told you they have fabulous hair.

Others have pointed out that they’ve seen strange creatures among the treetops, and heard strange wings flapping in a menacing way close to their heads. Based on that, they think that our nimble Archers will be the key to success in making our way through the forest.

Archers ready! 

Anyhow, we’re not going to stand idle as they raid our camp and our allied Arboreans' territory. Let's get this fight done so we can get on with our quest.

Vesper commanded us to march on April 4th.  So polish your swords, string your bows, and keep those peepers peeled for the action!

Rumors have it the trailer and release date will drop by then... 
(whatever that means).

I better start getting ready to cover the big event!

-  Sheepy out!




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