Hello Generals! Did you miss your favorite ovine reporter?

Hold onto your helmets, because I've got quite the scoop to share! Yesterday's events were nothing short of legendary – the kind of stuff that goes down in history books! 

Remember the Wildbeast attack? We were celebrating our victory over their ambush, when suddenly…


A shriek, as loud as thunder, tore through the silence of the forest. I looked up to see a massive black dragon hurtling towards us. It wasn't just any dragon; those glowing green eyes gave it away— I recognized Beresad. 

And he wasn't alone.

A rider with a golden crown and purple cape sat on the dragon's back, leaving no doubt as to his identity. Their arrival was followed by a fleet of War Zeppelins, their ominous presence casting a shadow over our once-secret camp. 

Vez’nan descended upon the forest clearing. His hand raised in a gesture of peace, yet tension gripped the air like a vice. Was this some sort of trick?

“Easy now”, his voice echoed through the tense silence. “I come to propose a deal.” 

We remained untrusting, exchanging wary glances. 

Vesper, the Linirean leader, stepped forward bravely, his face stern and unyielding: “After what you’ve done to our Kingdom?”. He neared his arm to his quiver,  starting to draw an arrow. The rest of us instinctively edged closer to our weapons, ready to strike. 

“King Dena’s eyes needed to be opened” replied Vez’nan somberly. “He refused to see the danger infesting the Kingdom”.

Vez'nan took a step forward, still holding Beresad's reins. Extending a hand, he sighed.  “But let us find your King. And put an end to this threat… together.”

Vesper paused, his gaze distant as he weighed the proposal. 

Could we join forces with those we rebelled against? We could use the Dark Army forces to find Denas. And with the Unblinded cult growing unrulier by the day, Linirea may face a greater danger than we realized. 

What choice did we really have?

The Rebel Leader may have arrived to the same conclusion, as he stepped forward to shake hands with our former enemies. 

With shocked faces, we witnessed an Alliance being born. And the Camp hasn't been the same ever since. 

More and more Dark Amy forces pour in daily, making for a tense peace with countless conflicts. Despite our common goal, suspicion and past animosities fuel daily skirmishes over resources and territory.

How long we'll stick around together, I really could not tell.  But for now, it looks like we're in for the same ride. Into Everadiant, looking for Denas. And then, towards the Unblinded.

With tensions escalating and the camp on edge, I promise to keep bleating updates... even if I feel like a literal sheep among wolves.

Sheepy out!


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