Sheepy here, reporting live from what's now known as the Alliance Camp! 🎤

The Dark Army has arrived in full force, bringing with them a diverse array of sinister creatures. 

The camp is now teeming with Demons, Goblins, Wraiths and more, all busily setting up tents and preparing their weapons for whatever lies ahead. 

Today's tensions escalated as Goblins and Northerners clashed over the last barrel of ale. But conflicts didn't stop there. Arcane Wizards clashed with Necromancers over prisoner rights, while Royal Archers sparred with Demons over battle strategies. This Alliance is anything but smooth grazing.

But there is someplace in camp where a deadly silence reigns, and no quarrels dare arise. Linireans and Dark Army alike hesitate to approach Raelyn and her Dark Knights. 

Still, I was set to interview her, since surely the Commander of the Dark Army assigned by Vez’nan himself would shed some light on this newfound Alliance — and how to keep it together.


A voice echoed deeply from the helmet, startling me. His sudden appearance sent a shiver down my spine. I couldn't help but notice the heart-shaped tattoo with the letter "R" emblazoned on his arm. They must love her fiercely. I swallowed hard, trying to gather my courage.

“ I-I'm Sheppy. Here to interview Raelyn.”

The Dark Knight regarded me with fiery red eyes, their gaze piercing through me. For a moment, I feared they would turn me away, but to my surprise, they stepped aside and motioned for me to enter the enclave.

“SHE’LL  SEE YOU", he rumbled in a deep, gravelly voice.

"Make it quick, I don't have all day."


Glowing red eyes greeted me, dripping with contempt. 

“Right, understood. How did you ascend to command the Dark Army?”

Her gaze pierces through the dim light, her features obscured by shadows.

"My origins are inconsequential, but know this: I emerged as a Squire and swiftly ascended ranks to Dark Knight during Vez'nan's victorious Crusade."

"I was entrusted with the leadership of a specialized unit against the mightiest adversaries. The success of my squadron was such that the Dark Lord himself demanded my presence within his innermost circle."

"And now, here I stand."

“But how do you cultivate such  devotion among your knights?”

“Loyalty is earned, not given freely. I lead by example, fighting side by side with my Knights on the frontlines. I unveil my face to serve as a reminder of our shared destiny on the battlefield.  If it comes to it, we're prepared to face oblivion together."

“I can see that… Thank you for sharing your insights.”

“Now, leave, Sheep. Consider this your sole audience with me.”


Raelyn fanart by @_thundercrack

As I left the enclave, Raelyn's words lingered in the air. 

Whatever could be said of her grim demeanor, the fierce loyalty she inspired among her Dark Knights was truly remarkable.

I couldn't help but feel relieved that she was now on our side.

Next week, I anticipate a different kind of interview. His name is Sean, and he is well-known by all. Or at least, his voice is.

Sheepy out!





Q by Ethos_23: Was Denas aware of the overseer portal or was it buried too deep?

A: He was aware of it but since he didn't know who could close it, he decided to just keep it hidden away from the wrong people. What he wasn't aware of was how big and powerful the Unblinded Cult was and their plans in the southern lands.


Q by Lord Noximus: Do the Tear of Elynie and the Overseer connect?

A: Not at all (although it would be a pretty good catalyst for his power 🤔).


Q by Davi: Are the Shadow Archers, Asra and Vez'Nan all the same species? Something like a shadow-human race? 

A: Yes, they are the same species (human). They learn a basic spell that allows them to obscure their faces and keep their identity hidden.


Q by Anton: is Bruce (KRO) a wildbeast?

A: Bruce's species share a distant common ancestor, but that's all. (Also, never ask him this to his face, he really dislikes being compared to their savage evolutionary cousins).


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