Hey General! You won't believe the wild ride I just went on...

I was tucked away in my tent, buried in my notes, when out of nowhere, there was this buzzing noise and a flash of light.

Boom! A vibrant pink portal materializes right in front of me. I'll admit, my first thought was, "Is the Overseer finally making a dramatic entrance to whisk me away like it has with so many others?"

But instead of ominous tentacles or piercing eyes, there was... nothing.

Intrigued, I couldn't resist the urge to investigate. 

With my trusty notebook in hand, I cautiously approached the portal, ready to document whatever lay beyond.

I stepped into a world with one extra dimension. But this was no overseer’s lair, no - those microphones were eerily familiar. A neon red sign read “Sean Crisden”Was this a… recording studio?

"Hello, Sheepy."

I recognized that voice! I’d heard it in the shouts for FREEDOM! of the fierce reinforcements, and the mouths of so many brave heroes. 

Could it be we were inside a video game and he was... OUR VOICE ACTOR?

I shrugged off the existential dread and jumped right into my journalistic role. After all, I’m a professional!

“Hi, Sean! Mind if I interview you for my Newsletter?”

"Sure, go ahead. I've voiced many characters in the Kingdom Rush games, where you come from. I'm also the voice director for Alliance."

How did you get into voice acting?

I was playing in a band, and in between songs, I would add what I thought was very engaging witty banter. I ended up being offered a job to be the voice for a product! However, it wasn't until many years later that I pursued it as a career.

What do you love most about your job?

Quite simply, the ability to play pretend every day, characters out of your wildest imagination! Monsters! Heroes! It's my childhood fantasy, and now people pay me for it. Not a bad gig!

Are you aware that Kingdom Rush fans love your voice lines?

I guess I am now! It's awesome to know that someone enjoys what I helped bring to life. I love fanmail too, my studio is kind of lonely, so keep it coming!

Can we get a Sneak Peek of Alliance voice lines?

Such good stuff! Here are a few.

As we wrapped up our interview, the portal mysteriously popped open again.

I waved goodbye to my new friend and returned to my dimension, back to our little Alliance camp in Everadiant. I couldn't shake the surreal feeling of knowing that I was a videogame character.  (But hey, at least I knew my voice would be awesome!)

For next week's newsletter, I'm set to dive deeper into the Arboreans, the guardians of the mystical Everadiant forest. 


Among them, there exists a remarkable Emissary, eager to share their profound wisdom. While inherently peaceful, these beings possess an impressive ability to wield incredibly potent magical powers when provoked.

Sheepy out!


Developer q&a section

Q by Lord MJ: Quick question. How old is Vez’Nan approximately?

A: Some say that at least 50, but you didn't hear it from us (he'll annihilate us if we spread that info)


Q by Prahant: If you had to place Kingdom Rush Alliance on a difficulty Scale from 1 to 10, where would it be compared to the other games?

A:  In a scale from 1 to Pandemonium, we're aiming for a 7-8, but let's see how players judge that once it comes out.


Q by Batman: In the trailer when could see Anya and her hero spell with the image of Dante, who we think is her father, but in the image he was like a spirit, so it means that Dante died? If this is true, How did he die?

A: Holy s*** Batman plays Kingdom Rush??? How much preparation time do you take before sending the first wave?


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