Ahhh… the atmosphere in the Linirean sector of the camp is so serene!

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and various other peoples congregate beneath the banner of the Lion. Their races have a long history of working together and have been collaborating for centuries.

In contrast, the Arboreans are newcomers to the Linirean ranks.  But you wouldn’t be able to tell so from the way they seamlessly blend in.

Their amiable, peaceful ways make them easy to get along with. 

The camp bustles with Arboreans of all ages and sizes. Despite their numbers, they are a quiet people that mostly keep to themselves. Little is known of them, and their kind remains a mystery to most.

But not for long! I, Sheepy, the intrepid Ovine Reporter, am determined to interview these magic beings of nature and delve deeper into their wisdom. 


Psssttt… is it wisdom you seek?

A tiny wisp approached me as I made my way through the camp.

 “Come, we will see you”

Intrigued and fascinated, I followed the little wisp’s luminous trail. It led me to a forest clearing, where two familiar faces were waiting for me. 

The Arborean Emissary nodded at me solemnly, and Nyru's eyes twinkled with mischief as he greeted me. "Sheepy! About time you interviewed us!"

Sheepy: “What can you tell me about your kind, the Arboreans?”

Emissary: “We are beings born from the living, beating Heart of the Everadiant Forest. Our corporeal forms can be borrowed from elements of our surroundings such as bark, leaves, and rock…”

Nyru: “Some of us resemble humanoids as a result of imitating foreign travelers. Like I did! I thought legs looked funny.”

Emissary: “Either way, when our time is done, we’ll become one with earth and soil, and our lifecycle begins anew.”

Sheepy: "But how long is that? By the looks of Nyru, he can’t be more than ten…"

Nyru laughed. “Guess again” he said “I’ve been protecting this forest for hundreds of years. Or lifespans are far greater than those of regular lifeforms.”

Sheepy: “That’s fascinating. I had never met an Arborean before I came to Everadiant.”

Emissary: “Our lifes are dedicated to tending for this Forest, so it is uncommon for our kind to travel far from home”

“Some of us are more curious than others though…” - added Nyru, smiling.

Sheepy: Why did you join the alliance?

Emissary: “Even though we are caretakers, we will not hesitate to use the powerful forces of nature to defend the land we nurture against threats.”

Nyru: “As of late, Wildbeasts have become more hostile against our kind, creating chaos across the forest. Their leader, Goregrind, commands his forces to take over the forest and carve a path to its core, where the Heart is.”

Emissary: “We must protect the Heart, the source of our life and all of Everadiant's. For you see, we are one and the same, and we shall all share its fate. "

The interview with the Arboreans left me with a profound realization: we are all interconnected. Just as the roots of the Everadiant Forest intertwine, so too are we bound to one another and the world around us. 

We would even share a fate with the Dark Army, were the world to wall under the Overseer's control.  I understood it better than ever: we must be united, despite our differences. 

Sheepy out!



Q by Lucas: How many levels are there in the campaign of kingdom rush 5 alliance, and how many for the additional levels ?

A: 16 stages for the main campaign. As for the additional levels, you’ll have to wait and see!

Q by Žan: How come necromancers are part of the dark army?

A: They’ve been on Vez’nan’s side before, remember? Besides, darkness suits them best.

Q by Hubert: about how strong is vesper? and how would you say he ranks among the other heroes in the game? i just really need to know as i REALLY hope he will be a great hero

A: Actually, our beta testers used to tease him because he was a bit on the weak end.  Now we buffed him significantly and he’s been ranked on A tiers. So worry not. Vesper is the Best-per! 

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