Good day, everyone! This is Sheepy, reporting live from the Alliance Camp. 

Today, I've got quite a hot interview for you all. I'm about to venture into the Dark Army camp to interview none other than the imps from the Demon Pit. Let's see what they have to say!

It’s usually pretty easy to find them. You just have to follow the smoke trail visible from miles away. 

Look, there they are!

Miguel: Well, well, well, look who's come to visit us. What brings a fluffy reporter like you to our humble abode?

Sheepy: I’m interviewing the ranks, and getting to know our Alliance better. What brought you here?

Miguel: (chuckling) It's quite the tale. Us demons got sent to dig up gold in the dwarven mines to expand the Dark Lord’s treasury. But we didn’t mine for very long.

Dramatic reenactment

Sheepy: And what happened?

Miguel: (smirking) One day, we stumbled upon this magnificent lava spring deep in the mines. And let me tell you, it was like finding paradise. We realized that we didn't have to hate our jobs anymore. 

Imp: Let's just say we found our true calling: relaxation!

Sheepy: So you turned the Demon Pit into your own personal spa retreat?

Miguel: You could say that. Why slave away in the dark when you can relax in the warm glow of molten lava? We may still have to fight, but at least now we do it on our terms. And let me tell you, this lava pool does wonders for the complexion!

The other imps nod in agreement, some lazily floating on inflatable rafts

Sheepy: And what about your new abilities, such as explosive damage? How did those come about?

Miguel: (grinning) Ah, those are just a few perks of our improved working conditions. Plus, a steady diet of lava fumes does wonders for your explodability.

Sheepy: Fascinating! And I hear you hold the record for the best fighter with a towel?

Miguel: (proudly puffing out his chest) No one can wield a towel like I can. It's just one of the many talents I've developed since we upgraded our workplace.

I thanked them for their time and wandered off, feeling a sense of warmth both from the hot air and the unexpectedly charming encounter with Miguel and his crew.

As I strolled back towards my tent, I reflected on the imps' approach to life. After all, amidst the chaos of battle, finding moments of relaxation and joy is essential for maintaining one's sanity! 

Perhaps I should consider joining Miguel and his crew for a dip in the lava pool a couple of times a week?

Sheepy out!




Q by Luke: Is there any connection between the Arboreans and Bravebark from Origins? Are they similar creatures/species at all?

A: They are not related as species but they share a common goal of preserving their forests.


Q by ShayminUp: what are the names of the goblins piloting onagro?

A: Their names are Chim and Churri. They're cousins!


Q by Synth: Does Vez'nan eat/drink souls like in the official emojis?

A:Nobody has ever seen him doing something that mundane and lived to tell the tale, so we can't say for sure.

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