Hello once again, General! It's your favorite ovine reporter, bringing you the Alliance's latest news. Let's continue getting to know our ranks. 

Today, I'm interviewing none other than Chim and Churri, the goblin cousins conducting the infamous Onagro war machine.

I know exactly where to find them: in the heart of the Dark Army encampment, amidst the clang of metal and the rumble of machinery.

When they noticed me approaching, the two goblin tinkerers paused their handiwork to greet me.

Sheepy: “Thank you for agreeing to my interview!”

Churri:  “Buckle up! This is gonna get interesting.“

I gestured towards the imposing figure of Onagro looming just outside the tent.

Sheepy: "So, tell me about the inspiration behind your giant mecha. How did you come up with THAT?"

Chim: "Well, you see, Sheepy, it all started with a little bit of goblin madness and a whole lot of stolen dwarven doodads!"

Churri: (nodding enthusiastically). "Oh, yeah! We mixed and mashed for a whole day and night until we got Onagro, the ultimate war machine! Care for a tour?"

Churri showed me around, pointing out the heavy arsenal aboard the imposing wood and metal war machine. Chim followed closely, looking proud.

Churri:  "We've got bombs, we've got mines, we've got rockets, we've got a goblin zeppelin to provide cover fire - all the good stuff to make Onagro the most badass greenskin war machine in the land!"

Sheepy: "Well, it certainly sounds impressive! But I have to ask, how did you come up with the name Onagro?"

Chim: "Believe it or not, 'ona' means 'big' in goblin, and 'gro' is short for 'grot', which is our word for goblin. So, put them together and you get 'big goblin'!"

Churri: "Or you could just say, it sounded cool and scary, and that's how we roll!"

Sheepy: "I see. It's truly fearsome. But why must you two man the vehicle?"

Chim: "I'm the pilot, my part is to maneuver at full throttle on the battlefield."

Churri: "The fun part's all mine! I send our bombs, mines, and rockets flying toward our foes like a bunch of angry bees! Buzz, buzz, boom, baby!"

Churri was so excited he couldn't stop talking. "And I always try to add new weapons and gadgets to our arsenal! Like, last week I came up with this awesome idea for a flamethrower. Chim wasn't too sure about it though."

Chim (rolling his eyes): "Yeah, because the last time we tried your 'awesome idea', we almost blew up the entire mecha! Remember that, Churri?"

Churri waved him off with a dismissive grin, "Pshh, details, details.”

 I thanked them for their time, still laughing at their antics,

As I looked around at Onagro's various weapons and gadgets, I realized just how much thought and ingenuity these pair of goblins put into every single aspect of this mechanical marvel. Seeing them rollin’ in perfect sync is a sight to behold!

Sheepy out!



Q by HΔΣζΛ: How did Dante and Lucrezia meet?

A: Dante first saw Lucrezia at her father's castle, in a failed attempt to take Vasile down. He was smitten by her beauty, and kept chasing her. In their encounters, they grew to respect and admire each other, and despite the danger and obstacles, they fell in love. When he fell into a trap set by Vasile, Lucrezia saved him... and they became inseparable ever since. 

Q by Kenneth: What is Sheepy Tie made out of. Is it wool????

A: 100% certified organic linirean wool, sourced ethically!

Q by Χρήστος :Can we expect something special if we reach 100k wishlists? 👀

A: Yes! Actually, you can expect a surprise every 10k.  We just reached 50k a few days ago and are preparing a surprise to share next week!

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