Welcome back to our weekly interview with your favorite four-legged reporter!

I'm over the moon because I'm meeting with Selenir, the mystical Elven Stargazer. She's a priestess who harnesses cosmic energies to fight for our Alliance - a true force to be reckoned with.

The Stargazing temple was a sight to behold, even from a distance. 

A simple yet mesmerizing stone platform overrun with rich green moss, it radiated an incredible power. As I approached the steps of the temple, I heard a soft voice speaking from the center of the structure. 

Selenir: "Hail, traveler of the flock. I sense the light of curiosity shining in you".

Sheepy:  "My pleasure! Thank you for agreeing to this interview!"

Sheepy: "Can you tell us more about the cosmic energies you work with? Are they connected to the void? 

Selenir: "My power originates from the Cosmos - the moon, stars, and other celestial bodies forever at play, orbiting in the cosmic dance of the universe."

The priestess gestured at the sky, eyes wide with wonder. "Space may seem lifeless, but it's imbued with energy, forever in flux. The Void, on the other hand, is a realm of darkness, unknown and dangerous. I steer clear of its treachery".

Sheepy: "I see. Many believe that elves draw their magic from nature. Is that connected to your power as well?"

Selenir (smiling sadly): "That used to be true before our world was plagued with tragedies…  the corruption of the Tear of Elynie, the loss of our dragon, war, and destruction. We were all of a sudden disconnected from the source."

With a heavy heart, she added after a long pause:

Selenir: "So many Elves fell to despair. Their path became aimless and their hearts darkened inside. It pains me deeply... my people have lost their way."

Sheepy: "I’m so sorry. You seem to have found yours, though."

Selenir: "Often, when you are lost, you feel disconnected from the universe. Alone. Yet the Stars and Moon reminded me that I had always belonged, and I found my place again in the family of things."

Sheepy:  "Is that why you decided to become a priestess?"

Selenir: "Yes, my path led me to the realization that there are infinite sentient beings still lost, seeking meaning. I swore a solemn bow to guide them and protect them all from harm. It’s the reason I’m fighting in our Alliance."

Sheepy: "Your resilience and dedication are truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me."

Selenir: "May the stars guide and protect you, young one. "

As darkness fell, Selenir cast a light orb that guided my path back to my tent. Once I was safely home, her magic dissolved into stardust, twinkling as it slowly floated in the air - a mesmerizing and magical sight. 

I paused to reflect on the encounter. Selenir's words lingered in my mind, a reminder of the profound connections that bind us all, even in times of great despair. I thanked the stars for bringing such a strong ally to our cause, feeling a renewed sense of purpose, by the light of the moon.


Sheepy out!





Q by ShayminUp7: Do Goblins like coffee, and if so does Onagro have a cup holder?

A: Some of them do. For example, Chim avoids it since it messes with his steady grip, but Churri runs mostly on a high daily dose of caffeinated drinks.

Q by Anton: What does Broden think about Onargo given that it is made out of dwarf technology?

A:  Broden only fights alongside them since he understands what's at stake, but he does not forget the Dark Army's acts. He does think Onagro's design is pretty sick, though.  

Q by Shun: Where did the wrecking ball comes from? Like yeah, arrows, meteors are a nice choice if you want something to hit from the sky, but man the Torres Hero Spell is goofy.
A: Yes.

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