Hello General!

Your favorite ovine reporter’s been invited to interview none other than Broden, the fearless dwarven Gryphon rider!

I've seen him around the camp, always engrossed in his target practice, hunting in the woods, or soaring on his Gryphon from place to place. Yet today, some birds of prey delivered an intriguing invitation at the entrance of my tent:



To: An epic BBQ with Broden

Where: Broden's All-Linirean Backyard

"Come get the REAL truth, none of that Dark Army propaganda nonsense. 

Freedom, justice, and burgers await! See you there, sheep!


For once, I didn’t have to hunt down the interview – the interview came crashing down like a bomb! Finally, they're recognizing my work!

Finding Broden’s backyard on the Linirean Camp was a breeze, thanks to the MASSIVE Linirean flag waving like it’s the 4th of July. As I got closer, Broden swooped down from his Gryphon to greet me.

Broden: "Alright, listen up, little woolly buddy. You and me, we’re gonna have a real talk. You’re ready for some BBQ?"

I reached for the vegan option as I searched my notebook for questions.

Sheepy: “Let’s start with your Gryphon. How did you two become such a dynamic duo?”

Broden: “Ah, Liberty... she ain't just any Gryph, she’s my partner! I was a young dwarf honing my aim in the mountains when a stray bullet rang out, and I heard a squawk like no other. I tracked it down and found the most majestic beast I’d ever seen. Couldn't just leave her there! I Nursed her back to health for countless days and nights. We've been inseparable ever since. ”

Sheepy: “Most dwarves love their gadgets, but you're all about firepower and your feathered friend. What's the deal with that?”

Broden: “The Dwarven Air Force? Hah! They’re too busy fiddling with flying machines and playing with their toys since Wilbur whipped up that contraption. Me? I'm old school – Liberty and my guns is all I need.”

Sheepy: "Final question: What made you join the Alliance?"

Broden:  "If it were up to me, I’d be unloading my clips on those home-invading Dark Army scumbags. But as much as I despise 'em, I love my Linirea more. So, I signed up to rain hell on those cultists to protect my homeland."

Broden grew bored of the interview and gestured toward the sky.

Broden: "Hey, enough talk! How about a spin on Liberty? Hold tight, we're about to fly like it's doomsday!"

I hopped on Liberty's back, clutching onto Broden's waist as we shot into the sky. The wind roared in my ears as we barrel-rolled through clouds, Broden's laughter mingling with Liberty's victory screeches. 

At that moment, high above the world, wind rushing through my fur as we soared through the skies, I realized that freedom, true freedom, is worth fighting for.

Sheepy, out!



Q by  Proctifer, Onagro, Lord Noximus, Synth, & Red J: Did Veznan bind his soul to Moloch before KRO, and is that why he has command of the demons, or is that Demon in KRO a different Dark Pact of Veznan's?

A:  Vez'nan made the demon pact long before the events of Kingdom Rush Origins. However, only after Origins did he acquire the red gem, the corrupted Tear of Elynie, which allowed him to fuse with the demon, as in the original Kingdom Rush. He used the gem to take the pact a step further in POWER!


Q by Internet Dino: What do Lumenir and Kosmyr think of each other? It's not every day you get to see two powerful dragons fighting together, let alone these.

A:  Lumenir sees Kosmyr as a necessary but morally questionable ally. Kosmyr respects Lumenir's powers but thinks she could use more flexibility—like a dragon version of "good cop, bad cop."


Q by William: Will Sheepy be interviewing Dante’s daughter Anya?

A: There are many interviews ahead! Sheepy is not planning to stop (as long as you enjoy what they do!)


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