Welcome, General, to this week's interview with the Alliance ranks!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bundle of nerves for today’s meeting with the Grim Wraiths, the frightening specters that fight even after death.

Perhaps I should call in sick for the day…? No, no, I won’t back down! Courage runs through the wool of my ancestors, brave sheep all of them!

And so, despite my nerves, I made my way towards the Dark Army camp. 

The Wraith’s Mausoleum was an ominous structure to behold. It shined with an ethereal glow that seemed to defy the laws of nature.

The air became cold all of a sudden, and a shiver went down my spine.

Wraith: "Another fleeting soul seeks an audience with the timeless wraiths..."

As I whirled around, three otherworldly specter warrious materialized behind me. Startled, I stammered:

Sheepy: "Wha... how did you sneak up on me like that?!?"

Wraith: "Unlike your mortal kind, we are not bound to the physical plane. Unbound, we and glide through the shadows. There lies our advantage."

I did my best to regain my composure. After all, I'm a professional! 

Sheepy: "Were you alive once? What happened to you?"

Wraith: "In our mortal days, we roamed as a band of mercenaries. Death claimed us on the battlefield, as fate decreed. Yet beyond death's grasp, our unity endured unbroken. The eternal rest veils us, for an unyielding hunger for combat, pulls us back, compelling our return to satisfy this endless thirst."

Sheepy: "What drew you to join the Dark Army and the Alliance?"

Wraith: "Vez'nan promised us the symphony of screams and blood that our souls crave. For us, the prospect of battle and an enemy to vanquish is a call we cannot ignore; it is all that we need to heed the eternal call to arms."

Wrapping up the eerie encounter with the Grim Wraiths, I couldn't shake off the chill that clung to the air like a haunting melody. 

These Wraiths believe in nothing and answer to no one. It's a good thing they are on our side... for they are a powerful ally and a dreadful enemy. Their extraordinary powers surpass even the wildest dreams of the living.

Note to self: perhaps a less spooky interview next time.

Sheepy out!


developer q&a


Q by Lord MJ: Ok so one question, should Vez'Nan be offended that Lumenir doesn't see him as a big enough threat to intervene or be pleased that Lumenir agrees that the Overseer is a real threat ?

A:  Due to her ancient age, Lumenir remains in a sleep state until called upon by the Paladins, which they didn't do during KRV events due to their overconfidence (which proved to be a big mistake on their part).


Q by ViniMasterDo Gerald and Lumenir know each other?

A:  Once per generation, an outstanding paladin is chosen to meet Lumenir to receive her blessings personally in a special ceremony. In the current times, that honor went to Sir Gerald Lightseeker.


Q by ShunHow would Orc Shaman and Grim Cemetery interact? One hates plants and the other tells you to get off his lawn.

A:  Indeed, they have a hard time keeping things civil when next to each other. There should be a game about it called Vegetables vs Undead or something like that.


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