Rise and shine, General!☀️ 

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the swords are clashing as sweaty troops train for the battle to come. 

Today, I'm asked to join Torres, the best construction worker in the Alliance, on his lunch break by the river. The man's been so busy working to fortify our defenses, that I've only just now had a moment to interview him!

Watching from afar, I noticed Torres deep in conversation with... a construction beam? While an unconventional sight, it was clear that he had found an unlikely companion in the solitude of his day.

Armando: "Seems we got a visitor today. Wooly loves to talk, you know?"

Woody: ... ... ...

Sheepy: "Thank you for sharing your Lunch Break with me! Can you tell me how a man like you ended up fighting in a war?

Armando: "My place was always building towers, not brandishing swords. I found myself weary of standing by, just watching others in the thick of battle, you know? Linirea needed more from me. So, when things grew dire, I thought to myself, 'No more,' and brought my humble tools to the fight."

Woody: ... ... …

Sheepy: "Your fellow workers claim you're the best builder in the kingdom. Is that true?"

Armando: "Those cheeky rascals, they've got a soft spot for me, and truth be told, it goes both ways."

He reflected for a moment on their claims.

Armando: "I may be a simple man but I know towers like the back of my hand. I've spent more years placing with bricks and stones for the Linirean defenses than I care to remember. Oh, and I've sauntered through the Kingdom too, soaking up wisdom from every nook and cranny of those fine architectures"

Woody: ... ... ... !!!! 


Armando's down-to-earth wisdom not only warmed my heart but also sparked a hunger for more than just his (very delicious) lunch break sandwiches.

If a humble man and his trusty stick sidekick could leave such a mark on the Kingdom, then who's to say a little reporter sheep can't do the same?

Sheepy out!




Q by Shun: How would Assassins and Elite Harassers interact? Both are fast and agile and kills their victims in a blink of an eye.

A: Their interaction would be so swift, that it would happen faster than anyone could see!


Q by Richard: Since it has been confirmed during the Twilight Wars that Beresad is willing to help whoever is willing to pay him in gold no matter the alignment, it is safe to assume Beresad is currently working for Vez'nan as a mercenary?

A: Of course he is! It's the safest way to keep filling his vast stash of gold (even after all the gold from the dwarves he received) 


Q by Lord MJ: is there something else to know about the Twilight elves now except their good relations with Vez’Nan ?

A: Not much, except that they haven't been struggling like the other elves since the corruption of the Tear of Elynie didn't affect them as much.


Q by Jessica: Will/Can "Be Quick or be Snack" be a new catch phrase please? Sincerely,  Be Quick or Be Dead

A: Be Quick or Be a Catchphrase! 


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