Kingdom Rush Alliance BIG Release

Yes, we know, you already know this one. But we bet you didn't know we'll host a day-long epic livestream with Kingdom Rush Alliance devs taking turns to play to celebrate the big day!

Strategy Guide Available on Web

Remember the good old strategy guides? They'll be back on Alliance's website! Consider this your go-to place for all campaign stages and challenges walkthroughs. 



First Free Content Update

The Kingdom's getting spooky! Expect a free campaign update with 3 elite stages, a new tower, and 2 new heroes recruited into the Alliance. What's not to love?


to be determined

New Kingdom Rush Vengeance DLC

Vez'nan wanted no more distractions. But even Dark Lords don't always get what they want. But if you try sometimes, you might find, you get the epic 5-stage DLC you need!



Teleport your desktop to the Void Beyond today with this epic wallpaper!


We're just a LITTLE push away from our 100k wishlist goal. Wishlist now!