Hello, General!

The Alliance is preparing for its march, with tensions beginning to surface... 

Just today, during my morning stroll, the sounds of a heated argument caught my attention.

The clash of voices drew me closer until I found myself at the center of a fierce quarrel between the Arcane Wizards and Necromancers, two of the most powerful mages in our Alliance.

Arcane Wizard: "Mind your tongue, or I’ll polymorph it into a frog! Your dark arts but twisted shadows compared to the splendor of our true, High Magic!"

Necromancer: "You think so highly of your feeble tricks? Nature bends to our will, death itself bows before us. Show some respect before true power!"

Arcane Wizard: "Ah, look, the Sheep reporter graces us with their presence. Settle it for us, Sheepy. Who truly wields the mightiest magical craft?"

Necromancer: "Ha! Even this wooly observer could see you for a fool. Tell them how darkness reigns supreme."

And just like that, they made me a part of it! Perhaps a moment of quick journalistic wit could be the key to emerging unscathed from their conflict.

Sheepy: "Let's settle this like civilized people. Present your best spells and make your case for why you deserve to be known as the most powerful order in these lands."

Arcane Wizard: “Order, ancient as Time and Magic itself, harnesses the purest essence of Magical Energy through crystals and age-old runes, conjuring the deadliest enchantments known to mortals.”

To demonstrate, he disintegrated a nearby tree branch into ashes, leaving me startled.

Sheepy: “Has your Order remained  unchanged for such a long time?”

Arcane Wizard: "In our pursuit of enlightenment, we always seek to refine our knowledge, runes, and spells. While we delve into new incantations, we remain vigilant, and wary of the shadows. We have learned as much from the missteps of Sorcerers, who recently succumbed to the allure of darkness.”

Necromancer: “Buufoon! You deny the darkness in your soul! You deny your POWER!! ! We hold command over an infinite undead army, rising from the corpses of our enemies. Can you match that?”

With a swift motion of his staff, a green flame of light resurrected the tree branch into a pitiful crawling stick skeleton.

Sheepy: “I recall seeing you on the opposite side. How did you end up aligning with the Dark Army?”

Necromancer: “Our Orders are not pawns to be toyed with by Kings like lesser beings. We are strategic. We play both sides so that we always come up on top.”

Both magicians looked at me, and I suddenly faced the daunting task of choosing the mightier faction. How could I get out of it?

Sheepy: "Power isn't about raw strength, it's about finding balance. When light and darkness team up, magic is at its best! So, keep working together in our dear Alliance, who knows what kind of cool stuff you could do next!"

None seemed too convinced with my verdict, but with that, I made my swift escape, leaving the magic users to ponder. I better watch out where I walk next time!

Sheepy out!



Q by Shun: Is Vez'nan superior than any other hero in the 1st and 4th game? Or is there anyone that can compete his strength... And handsomeness?

A: While he's one of the most dreaded wizards of Linirea, some argue that- * a-hem* - I-I-I m-mean, of c-course he is the most p-powerful and more handsome presence in all the k-k-kingdom! Even pondering that question is outrageous!

Q by Cartilogen: What is the Dark Lord's favorite dish/food?

A: Those human needs are far beneath the Dark Lord! And that's the t-truth, not that I'm held at spellpoint by the Dark Lord or anything... ha ha ha.

Q by Thijmen: Why are the leapdragons from the Northens so common, while the other dragons, like Boneheart or Beresad, are all strong and exceptional creatures? Maybe the leapdragons aren't real dragons?

A:  Those pesky creatures shouldn't be called dragons. They are not even able to fly properly! Only a nuisance in the Dark Lord's victorious path. 

Q by Luke: What happened to Bonehart before Vengeance? Why did we find him in pieces?

A: Probably tried to leap instead of flying and couldn't stick the landing. But anyway, thank the Dark Lord he found him and put him back together! Ah yes, praised be Vez'nan, the all-powerful and handsome ruler of Linirea! Ha ha -please don't hurt me-.


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