Fellow Steam fans, welcome to the #BurningTorment campaign!
Moloch the Archdevil has opened a portal from the netherworld and its threatening Linirea!
Check out the update features that are coming soon and for FREE:

- 2 new stages! Face the demon hordes in the Rift of Cinders and close the portal to Pandemonium!
- 5 new enemies from the netherworld! Face Legions of demons, fire hurling Flareons and The Cerberus!
- Boss fight: Moloch the Archdevil is waiting in his throne behind the portal! Can you end its reign?
- 2 NEW FREE heroes: Play as Oni the honorable demonic samurai or Hacksaw the gnome tinker with its marvelous contraption!
- New achievements and Easter eggs!
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.