Get in the new planet and meet new enemies, new allies and new challenges! The frosty planet awaits you...

Learn more and get ready for battle!

Borealis orbits around a white dwarf star and it's the only inhabitated planet of the system Fr33-z3. Due to the hostile and cold environment there are very few native species. To survive they need to constantly deal with dangerous natural threats. 

The Ga'r are the largest and most friendly civilization of the planet. They have adapted to the harsh climate through their hard work and dedication. The techonology they've developed is limited but effective. They live in small villages strategically located in the richest points of Borealis. 

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Raffle alert!

You have the chance of winning the new Borealis' heroes for you and a friend! Scroll to find out how! 

Terms and conditions

Prize detailes: 

  • 2 packs of the 3 new Borealis' heroes for himself and a friend (he is free to choose whoever he wants). 

Raffle Instructions:

  • For Facebook: the participants must share the Facebook Trailer Release post tagging a friend. It's necessary for the participants to make the post public for us to see it.  
  • For Twitter: the participants must retweet the Trailer Release post tagging a friend. 
  • For Instagram: the participants must comment the Trailer Release post tagging a friend. 
  • The winners must have the game download it since the hero packs are consumables inside the game. Aswell as the chosen friend. 
  • Participants will be able to participate until the end of the day Monday 10/1. 
  • The raffle will be made the next day Tuesday 10/2.
  • The raffle consists on 5 winners: 2 for Facebook, 2 for Twitter and 1 for Instagram. All the winners will receive 2 packs of heroes (one for the winner and one for the friend). 

Prize eligibility:

  • Participants must have Iron Marines downloaded.