This story begins with a dragon named Faustus, and I know, dear reader, you may ask why. Bear with me, and you will soon know...

When the elves were created, the Goddess  Elynie chose Faustus to protect and watch over them until the end of times, and thus she linked his soul to her most cherished treasure: the tear of Elynie.

Faustus watched over the elves while their civilization strived and bloomed. He was there to bless the little Princess Alleria when she took her first breath. 
The elves, in return, respected and loved him and it was every elven wizard's dream to learn the advanced incantations techniques from him.

He remained devoted to this task until the fateful day the dreadful spider Queen corrupted the cristal`s essence and in the process, also Faustus`s soul.
Tainted by the dark forces, he gradually abandoned the draconian sorcery and turned into the dark magic arts, a powerful force that consumed his flesh, leaving only his bones behind. 
Nothing remained of the former elven protector, not even his name as he was now known as Bonehart.