The High Sorcerer stirred, rising from his bed in cold sweat, it was impossible for him to fall asleep. He had tried to ease his mind with the knowledge that the magical barrier he had cast to shield the temple had not yet been disturbed but he couldn't shake the ominous feeling that was keeping him awake. Ever since the Dark Lord took over Linirea, the Stormcloud Temple’s mystic defenses had protected every sorcerer who stepped past its ancient doors. They have organized and formed their own council, efficiently shielding themselves from the conflict and strife of the outside world. 



Trying to shake this feeling of unease, he walked onto the balcony, looking out over the frosted gray peaks. The familiar sound of howling wind sweeping through the mountains greeted him, but this faint sound that would normally soothe him was tainted with something different. A vague sound that seemed foreign to his ears caught his attention.
Something was wrong. 
Raising his arms, he shouted an ancient incantation with a mighty chant. A powerful light sparked to life over the Temple, casting out the shadows and revealing an unimaginable horror. 



The Temple had been surrounded by a horde of Ha'kraj Trolls. They walked through the magical barriers with ease; not a single one of them was harmed. The thought that this was a nightmare came to him, it couldn't possibly be happening. Trolls were not known for their knowledge of magic, but for their bloodlust and the brutality of their attacks. How could an army so large slip through his own defenses so easily? None of this made any sense.
The High Sorcerer rushed back inside, running for the alarm to warn his fellows. But it was already too late; the Trolls had the element of surprise on their side, and the Sorcerers were caught off guard. 




The sounds of his brothers and sisters fleeing or fighting in panic echoed through the halls. They had already lost. 
The High Sorcerer used his magic to save as many of his students as he could, opening portals to save them from harm as they fled the Temple. Their domain was lost, but he had ensured the Order of Sorcerers survived and lived on. He saved as many living souls as he possibly could before stepping into the portal.
The morning after the raid, the Sorcerers reorganized and prepared to brave the harsh elements. They set out across the frozen land, searching for heroes who could help them retake their home from the Ha’Kraj Trolls.