The metal tower dominated the view from where he was standing. He couldn't remember the exact date he had started this journey to find it, but he was elated it was about to end.
He had heard countless stories about them. He wasn't sure if what he heard was true, or just an exaggeration from the traveler. But if there was an ounce of truth in the rumors, then this exhausting journey would have been worthwhile. 



For the first time in months he had a glimmer of hope. It was a strange feeling, an alien one to him. He had been submerged in a never-ending nightmare since that fateful day.
He did not want to remember the dread, anger, and guilt he felt that day when he returned to his farm. He had spent a long day at the market and upon his return, he found his home ravaged and his family missing. He desperately looked for them only to find torn and bloodstained clothes. He cursed those who would do this to an innocent farmer. He needed justice to be done, he owed them that much. He had requested help and had sent word of the crime to the authorities, but no one answered. 



No one cared for the fate of a family of farmers. If he wanted justice to be done, he would have to do it himself. He would hunt down those who had wronged him and have his vengeance, no matter the cost.
The first time he heard about them was from the mouth of a well-traveled exotic bird dealer. He told him the story of these unholy knights that possessed incredible powers. It was rumored that those knights were mere humans, much like him, that they had taken an oath and bound their souls with dark magic in exchange for the incredible powers they wielded. 




The bond was unbreakable and once one joined their ranks, there was no backing down. Every Dark Knight had their own reasons for joining, and in a land as tumultuous as Linirea revenge was as good as any other.
He was more than willing to give even his soul to them if that allowed him to get his sweet revenge on the bandits that slaughtered his family. If that was the price, so be it!
He arrived at the tower and darkness embraced him as he crossed the threshold into the unknown.