Yesterday we spent all day emailing Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, every site that had made a review of Achilles Defense, trying to expose the thieves. A lot of people helped us out by doing exactly the same, specially Shannon (which made the main music theme of the game) and her husband David, by getting sites to write articles and spreading the word.

So we would like to thank you all for the support, for voicing out and exposing PTT Solution for stealing.

PTT Solution contacted me today saying:

"Hi buddy, We removed Achilles' Defense from Apple App Store. Do you have time? I need to talk to you on Skype."

We told there is nothing we need to talk about and that they did the right thing by removing the app. We were happy this seemed like the end of it, but an hour later the app is back up. It is evident this will only be over when Apple does something, and we hope they do it very soon.

We will not stop exposing them. And we are already seeking legal aid on the matter.

Again thank you all for the support.
We are still working hard to release the official iPhone version of Clash of the Olympians.