So, my time has come! Kingdom Rush Vengeance will be launched on.. no wait, that already happened. 

Ok here I go again, SO MY TIME HAS COME! Now I'm conquering Android in China!

From today on the full game will be available in China and on the 9th of December there will be a new update for all my army worldwide (iOS and Android) so prepare yourself to show me your loyalty.

A new enemy has risen and thinks he can defeat me, the great Vez'nan, it's almost hilarious!

Yes, he might be ancient, dangerous and the biggest fanged beast I have ever seen (and I have seen a few of those) but i have some tricks up my sleeve too.

Since I have always been a fan or fighting fire with EVEN MORE FIRE I managed to secure the help of Dianyun,a mighty dragon (yes,yes, another one) and an amazing new tower.

General, as you read, you have a new mission now. Dust off armor and weapons, practice spells, because the enemy is stronger than ever!