Our orders were clear, we had to depart for Gonzalor at once.

Commander Taggins had contacted us with the briefing: The Crimson Vultures were planning an attack at a classified federation base.

Me? For once I was glad the planet is not an icy tomb but a dense forest. But my dreams of landing a mission in a tropical paradise were far off, and I noticed it as soon as we landed.

It's true Gonzalor is quite a contrast from our previous mission, but the intricate forest landscape with gigantic trees is not going to be an easy task. 

Not only is our line of vision limited due to the vegetation and landscape but it's also infested with the Crimson vultures' troops. 

Finding our path to the base will not be an easy task, but we need to protect whatever finding our scientists have acquired and keep it as far away from the vulture's claws as possible.

End of transmission...

Logbook entry 1.2.1


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