We were blown away by the flood of nostalgic memories you shared with us on the 10-year anniversary of Kingdom Rush Frontiers! It was an incredibly tough task to select only two winners for the boardgame giveaway, but after much deliberation, we've made our choices:

Congratulations to our winners, @exizs on TikTok and Ioan_2755 on Instagram! 🏆

Exizs revealed a hilarious tale of how he would constantly forget the name "Kingdom Rush Frontiers", and had to rely on his older brother to type it in every time. But there was a catch—his brother requested a favor in return: a perfectly made bed! Talk about sibling negotiations! 

Meanwhile, Ioan and their friends brought Kingdom Rush to real life through their imaginations. They played different roles like heroes, barracks, and ranged towers. Very wholesome indeed!

To everyone else, don't fret! We have more exciting contests and giveaways coming your way soon.

Stay tuned and keep those fond memories alive!