Listen closely, General. I'll brief you on Hammerhold's affairs. 

Ever since I took the Citadel, they've fancied themselves the "Kingdom's last bastion". Ha! What a laughable delusion! As though they could withstand my might. I paid them no mind before, preoccupied with more pressing matters... but now their time has come.

I've got word that Malik, of all people, is leading them. They've bothered to fortify their walls and put up these quaint towers. Legionnaires have been busy amassing their troops. I've heard of enigmatic mystics and Djinnis. They've even managed to tame those hefty desert elephants. 

They're an obstinate bunch, I'll grant them that. Always on patrol, day and night. Don't they have anything else to do? All that effort, yet there is a serious flaw in their defenses. You see, they're gearing up for a land attack from Linirea's border. But I've got a different plan in mind...

You're to lead a surprise landing on their desert shores. We'll hold the upper hand, but remember, overconfidence is a mirage. They might be foolish, but they're as determined as a camel in the desert. Don't be surprised if so-called 'heroes' stumble into our path.

Now, General, the fate of Hammerhold awaits. Do you fancy yourself worthy of this endeavor, or shall I search for someone less... hesitant? The decision is yours.


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