As we wave goodbye to 2023, let's gather 'round the digital campfire and dive into the milestones that made this year in Ironhide Games so epic.


conquering a new realm!

The journey began with a triumphant takeover of the Xbox Realm! Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush Origins united their forces, conquering a new console. 

the epic community contests

Our community shined bright with epic contests—bosses, heroes, and stage designs. We thoroughly enjoyed each livestream and your amazing submissions. You guys rule!

vez'nan, but make him cute

August saw the launch of the Vez'nan plushie. This cuddly incarnation of darkness melted our hearts and added a touch of villainous charm to the physical world. Who knew evil could be so adorable?

junkworld's apocalyptic arrival!

We released Junkworld on Apple Arcade on September 22nd. A wild, Post-Apocalyptic Tower Defense game with perilous terrains, and a cast of characters you might second-guess teaming up with.

the marines invade steam!

On November 3rd, Iron Marines Invasion hit Steam, propelling our players into an intergalactic adventure among the cosmos. Now, in your computer screens!

...and the grand finale!

To end the year on the highest note, Kingdom Rush Vengeance's Hammerhold Campaign made its grand entrance on November 7th. And the surprises didn't end there—the same day, Junkworld's Underground Pt. 1 update launched on Apple Arcade. 


Thanks to each and every one of you for making 2023 a blast—we couldn't have conquered these quests without your support. If you think 2023 was legendary (it was), fasten your seatbelts for what awaits in the coming year. Yes, we're cooking. No, we’re not telling what just yet.

Happy New Year from the whole Ironhide Team!