So, you REALLY thought after taking down The Order, and that would be it? Ha! Peace doesn't stick around for long in the Wasteland.

After giving the Order a run for their money, the Scavengers set out to explore the mountain behind the Order's old HQ. While digging, they stumbled upon a tunnel and an unwelcome surprise – the Krittz, a bunch of mutant rat folks. Things got chaotic, and the ground collapsed.

Beneath their feet lay an ancient city, a window to the world before the bomb went off. But those pesky rats weren't content staying down there. They are preparing to bring mayhem and invade the surface!

The Scavengers aren’t about to let that happen. It will be a wild ride, but saving the day is what they do best. Take the Scavengers underground and stop this new enemy gang from invading! 

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