2011 was a great year for the Ironhide team, we started the year working from a small room of the house of one of us, being pretty much unknown with an unnamed defense game halfway through development and 2 other flash games. On that day having a game front paged on the popular section or have one of the highest rated games on 2 of the biggest game portals seemed impossible, let alone having the same game on the new and noteworthy of the apple store during Christmas.

Today on the last day of 2011 all those things came to happen, we were able to move to an office (which is still small but 4 times bigger than the other room) and even won our national videogame award for best game of 2011. It took a lot of work, dedication and endless hours of crunch time of course but we couldn't have done it without the support from our families, friends, players, associates and everyone that trusted on our work and supported us through out 2011, you all made this year great for us, so on this day we want to thank you all for that :)

Thank you all and happy 2012!
Next year will be even better! Game'On!